Front-End Web Developer.


Bootstrap / jQuery / Moodle / PHP

Prevent.Zone is an existing site that I have been managing for the last two years. I've implemented various improvements to the overall interface and responsiveness of the website. I have redesigned the UI to combine content from multiple pages into one continuous design. The new UI will be available towards the end of June.

Bootstrap / jQuery / Moodle


The National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) is a site that I have redesigned from existing content. NASFM also has a Moodle instance where I manage the theme and courses.

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Drupal / Bootstrap / Moodle

The MOST Center

The MOST Center is another redesigned website from an existing Drupal installation. One of the challenges that I faced when working on the MOST Center was that I had no prior knowledge of the CMS. The content was inconsistent in the way the previous developer had built it. I have developed cleaner and more consistent ways to create and display content while learning Drupal in the process. The MOST Center also has a Moodle instance that I manage.

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Drupal / Bootstrap / Moodle

AliveTek Inc.

AliveTek is an eLearning company based in Clearwater, Florida. AliveTek was ready for a new look on their website. I organized the content and laid out the site in Photoshop. Bootstrap was used for the layout and JavaScript was used for animating the header.

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Bootstrap / jQuery / Illustrator / After Effects


Hazing Prevention Education Works! is an infographic I designed and developed. JavaScript was used to create interactive elements on the page. Illustrator was used to create the graphics which were thrown into After Effects to be animated. Bootstrap 4 was used to layout a responsive design.

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Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

Associates of Science in Visual Communications.